14% Equine Alfalfa Plus- 50 lb bag



Form – 3/8″ Cube

Protein – 14%

Fat – 4.5%

Fiber – 24%

For moderate to high activity horses, or where a low carbohydrate diet is desired. Feed 1/2 to 1 pounds of feed per 100 pounds of body weight depending on age, size and body condition. Feeding level should be determined by desired body condition. Feed good quality hay free choice or at a level of 1 to 1 1/2% of body weight. Always provide clean fresh water at all times. Keep feed fresh in cool dry storage. DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP OR GOATS AS THOSE SPECIES ARE NOT TOLERANT TO THIS LEVEL OF COPPER. A high quality, alfalfa based, low starch, feed. Fortified in minerals, including organic zinc. Fortified in Vitamins, including B vitamins and 80 IU per pound of Vitamin E. High fiber content can reduce the amount of hay required. Special ingredient: Activo Select®.