16% Goat Grower Pellet




  1. Form – 3/16” pellet
  2. Protein – 16%
  3. Fat – 2.5%
  4. Fiber – 17%
  5. Medication – Ammonium Chloride & Decoquinate

Can be fed 1.5% to 3% of bodyweight/head/day or free choice to all classes of sheep or goats. Provide plenty of good quality forage and fresh clean water at all times. Intended for weaned growing goats.

A high protein grower with a little less fat and carbohydrates than the Nanny Kid Pellet to prevent goats from getting over finished or too fat.

Medicated with decoquinate and ammonium chloride. Includes added vitamins A, D, E, added calcium, magnesium, selenium, and a chelated form of zinc.