18% Finch- Medicated


Form – Textured

Protein – 18%

Fat – 3%

Fiber – 12%

Medication – Ammonium Chloride & Decoquinate

Recommend feeding rate is 1.5 to 2.0 percent body-weight in addition to free choice hay and fresh clean water at all times.

This feed was originally designed for Show Lambs of all ages from weaning to adults. It has also been a popular feed for use as a calf starter or where a producer wants a high protein, well-fortified, top notch ruminant ration. With this feed, we take all the protein, alfalfa & most of the vitamins & minerals and pellet them together. This pellet is blended back in with the flaked corn and barley, molasses and cottonseed hulls. This allows for less fines in the trough as well as a more consistent product with every bite and less sorting. This feed contains several essential oils, bypass fats, organic zinc and other highly bioavailable trace minerals. Medicated with ammonium chloride for the prevention of urinary calculi and decoquinate for the prevention of coccidiosis.