32% Floating Fish Food- 40 lb bag



Our 32% floating fish food was formulated based on the nutritional needs of omnivorous species. Catfish and Tilapia are the major Omnivorous Species for this category of diets. These two species feed on both animal and vegetable substances, so they do not require the protein levels nor the nutrient density of carnivorous fish, but do require more moderate amounts of nutrients. Omnivorous species are usually warm water animals. Muenster Milling Company Fish foods are formulated for optimum nutrient delivery to a wide number of fish species. With complete nutrition, fish have better performance and maintain good health and resistance to disease. These highly-digestible diets enable fish to more efficiently utilize nutrients which in turn reduces fecal waste and biological load in the water. Extrusion eliminates the number of fines found in the feed minimizing feed waste making each feeding more efficient and less time cleaning the feeder.

Key Benefits

  • Small Kibble size designed to let all free range fish enjoy
  • Formulated for the Omnivorous fish (Catfish, Tilapia)
  • Planted based proteins #1 ingredient to match the natural diet
  • Extruded to increase bio-availability of vitamins and minerals