The Antler Shed 5×6 Bow/Gun Slider


Exterior Features

  • Stands come in 3 sizes: 4’x6’, 5’x6’, and 5’x8’
    • All our stands are true to size. 
  • Frame Sizes 1”x1”, 1”x2”, and 2”x2” in welded square tubing
  • Powder coated metal for long lasting aesthetic
  • Mossy Oak Bottomland finish with a limited 40-year warranty
    • Allows hunters to hide against wooded brush along sloughs
  • Roofs are pitched at 45° to deflect rain
    • Making Antler Shed Deer Blinds one of the quietest stands on the market

Interior Features

  • 4’ wide stands are 6’5” from floor to ceiling peak
  • 5’ wide stands are 7’0” from floor to ceiling peak
    • All our stands are true to size 
    • Floors, walls,  & ceilings have commercial grade indoor/outdoor carpet laminated to the inside of the sheet metal with an exterior grade glue. The carpet serves as a moisture barrier to eliminate sweating, helps with soundproofing our stands, making them one of the quietest on the market.
    • All sizes accommodate multiple hunters without being shoulder-to-shoulder with the walls
  • Complete with 360° horizontal sliding, tinted windows for optimal range of view
    • Antler Shed Deer Blinds have an optional adjustable drop window; can be opened to any height and all at one time providing a variety of advantages to the hunters in high-brush areas
    • Hanging a gun out the window is tricky and Antler Shed Deer Blinds come with window shooting rails that sit 1/4” above the window tracks, helping prevent scratches on the gun stock and any accidental noise from moving the gun through the window
  • Shelves? Deer blinds typically do NOT have big or enough shelf space for extra ammunition, snacks, any accessories for the day. Antler Shed Deer Blinds provides 4” wide carpeted shooting shelves.
    • Antler Shed Deer Blinds also have an EXTRA row of shelves becoming the most user-friendly deer blind on the market
    • 6" shelves around the deer stand.
    • 1" x 4" carpeted shooting shelves that can be moved to steady yourself.

1" x 6" overhead shelves for storage (perfect for backpacks).

Other Features

      • Leg sockets are welded on all 4 corners with 4”x4”x6” long square tube sockets
      • All deer blinds are locked with RV door latch key lock


Additional information

Elevation Kit

None, 8' Elevation Kit, 10' Elevation Kit